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Collective Worship and Spirituality

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is at the very heart of Padbury Church of England School and the community it serves. Our daily worship is inclusive for all pupils, staff, parents and visitors whilst recognising and respecting the different beliefs and cultures within our school community.  At Padbury we offer a richness and variety of worship from the traditional Anglican with Bible readings, prayers and children's hymns to the more reflective and comtemplative calming style worship. 

Our pattern of Worship follows the Church Year and Anglican traditions and the children enjoy planning and leading some of our favourite services such as Advent, Christingle, Candlemas and Pentecost. We are delighted that Sandra Cosby, a licenced lay minister in Padbury leads our weekly key stage worship.


At Padbury CE School we have agreed that spirituality is:  

Something beyond what you can see, the material and physical self. Spirituality is more than just what people experience on a sensory and physical level. Instead, it is a feeling that there is something greater, a quality that touches us all and involves deep feelings inside.  

It is a connection to something that is bigger than ourselves. It is a connection with the wonder and energy of life. It connects all people to each other and to the universe itself with love. It is about awe and wonder, asking ultimate questions and being inspired to look beyond ourselves and serve and care for others, the environment and beyond. 

To read more about how we develop spirituality at Padbury Church of England School, please see our spirituality document below.