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Welcome from the Governors

The role of the Governing Body is to act as a critical friend to the school and to ensure that it carries out its statutory responsibilities.  The Governing Body is responsible for setting the school budget, for approving policies and, along with the Head Teacher, for setting the strategic direction of the school.  
Governors are appointed by the School Trustees (ODBST), by the Church (Foundation Governors) and can also be members of the local community.  A number of staff and parents are elected onto the Governing Body for a period of four years, after which time they can stand for re-election.

If you wish to contact a Governor, please contact the school office by email to  and your email will be passed onto the appropriate member of the Governing Body.
Alternatively, you may write to the Governing Body via the school office, marking it for the attention of the Chair of Governors and labelled 'confidential'. 
Simon Jelf
Chair of Governors  

Information about the Governing body

The Governing Body is made up of 12 members.  The body is made up of two Parent Governors elected by the parents of the pupils, eight Foundation Governors nominated by the Diocese, one Staff Governor elected by staff members, and the Head Teacher.  They all hold office for a period of four years, although they may be invited to stay for further terms of office. 
The Governing Body meets six times during the year (either virtually or face to face) and more frequently if there is urgent business that cannot wait until the next meeting.  The minutes of Governing Body meetings are available for anyone to look at in reception at school.  

As part of the Local Governing Body, Governors are responsible for the following:

  1. Preparing, with the Headteacher, the School Development Plan.
  2. Setting, with the Headteacher, the targets for the future achievement of pupils at the end of appropriate Key Stages.
  3. Improving the school and developing its capacity for sustained improvement by developing high quality teaching, leadership capacity and high professional standards among all staff.
  4. Ensuring all teaching staff benefit from appropriate professional development and that performance is rigorously managed.
  5. Contributing to an accurate evaluation of the school’s strengths and weaknesses and using the findings to promote improvement.
  6. Managing the school’s finances, setting the school budget and reviewing the school’s financial performance against this budget.  The committee also reviews major capital projects and makes recommendations on these to the Governing Body.   
  7. Looking after any staffing matters such as recruitment and retention of staff as well as recommending staffing levels to the Governing Body in conjunction with the Head Teacher.
  8. Reviewing regularly the condition of the school buildings and preparing an appropriate annual maintenance plan to ensure they are kept in good order. 
  9. The committee also ensures that all governors and staff have access to health and safety policies, codes of practice, risk assessments and other health and safety procedures issued by the local authority.   

The Local Governing Body made up of: 
Lucy McFarlane (Headteacher)
Appointed 01/09/2018. SIAMS working group Committee. 

Simon Jelf (Foundation Governor) Simon is our Chair of Governors, Safeguarding Governor along with Science and Computing responsibility. 
Appointed 17/03/2020 until 16/03/2024

Mark Ryder (Parent Governor) Mark is Co Vice Chair of Governors, Health and Safety Governor along with PE, Art and DT Governor responsibility. 
Appointed 22/09/2021 until 21/09/2025

Simon Reay (Foundation Governor) Simon is our Co Vice Chair of Governors and Humanities Governor. 

Appointed 1/1/2024 until 31/12/2027

Jo Bursell (Foundation Governor)  Jo is Chair of  our SIAMS Working group Committee and maths Governor. 

Appointed 01/09/2023 until 31/08/2027

Barbara Foord (Foundation Governor) Barbara is a member of our SIAMS working group Committee and English Governor.
Appointed 20/05/2022 until 20/05/2026

Maggie Ley (Foundation Governor)

Appointed 30/9/2023 until 29/09/2027 Maggie is a member of our SIAMS working Group Committee and is responsible for monitoring French through the school. 

Bernadette McFall (Foundation Governor). Bernadette is responsible for Equalities and Diversity 

Appointed 11/04/2023 until 10/07/2027

Hannah Grace (Foundation Governor) Hannah is Pupil Premium and SEND Governor.

Appointed 05/08/2023 until 04/08/2027

Pete Bulley (Parent Governor) Pete is responsible for monitoring of the school website.

Appointed 22/09/21until 21/09/2025

All our Governors are members of our Admission Committee.