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In Art we are exploring the skills and techniques used to create an effective collage. Using a variety of colours, textures and shapes of paper and material children will transform themselves into Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. All you need to do is:

  1. Take and to print out a side profile photo.
  2.  Cut and paste it onto brown paper.  
  3. Collect together different types and colours of papers that would be suitable to make the collage with. Top Tip. Try to use a variety of different types of papers with textures and small patterns eg marbled type patterns if you have them, as well as plain.  Sheets of “textured papers” can be created beforehand by sponging or washing over with colours.  Try this on paper with text – newsprint, which can look really effective or sheet music paper.
  4. Using the weblink, research different crown shapes, and what they represented. Which one will you choose, or will you design your own? See the pictures below for inspiration.
  5. Experiment with a colour.  With different papers of one colour, cut and tear paper pieces and then try to arrange them to make a shape.
  6. Once the paper pieces are in place and look effective then glue them down.
  7. Don't forget to add your collar and any other features such as eye make up earings or even an ornamental beard, just like Tutankhamun.