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Beech Class

Story Ending By Darcie

Story Ending and Observational Drawing By Jasmin

Story Ending and Observational Drawing By Isabella

Story Ending By Summer Cr

Instruction Writing and VE Day Cupcakes - By Jasmin

Cake Making, Hopscotch and VE Day Artwork - By Harriet G

Instruction Writing - By Isla B

Instruction Writing, Seaside Scene and seaside animal information poster - By Iona

Letter Writing - By Josh

Letter Writing - By Ellie

Instruction Writing - By Isabella

Wolves - By Stella

Nature and Woods Presentation - By Otta

Instruction Writing, VE Day bunting and scones - By Isla R

Wolves - By Summer Ca

Lighthouse, Beach Lego Model, Instruction writing and Wolves Information Text - By Marty

Beach Scene Model - By William

Wolves - By Summer Cr

Easter Cakes, Easter Bunnies, Beach Art and Letter Writing - By Isla R

Letter Writing, Making Lemon Cake and a Lighthouse - By Isabella

Making Ice Lollies and Designing, Making and Instruction Writing for Milkshakes - By Harriet G

Pastry Bunting and Information Text about Log Piles - By Ada

A Model Seaside - By Jesse

Punch and Judy Show and Model Lighthouse - By Ariadne

A Letter to Prince Charming - By Luke

A Fairy Story and Map Work - By Hattie T

A Fairy Story and Map Work - By Charlie

Science Experiment, Duck Art and A Fairy Story - By Isla B

A Mermaid Hair Science Experiment - By Darcie

Letter Writing, A Fairy Story and Paper Lighthouse - By Darcie

My Perfect Day at the Beach, Cat Artwork and Model Lighthouse - By Iona

Science Experiment, Natural Artwork and Story and Letter Writing - By Summer Cr

Letter Writing - By Otta

A Fairy Story - By Otta

Letter Writing - By Marty

A Fairy Story - By Marty

Letter Writing, A Fairy Story and Ocean Pollution Poster - By Sienna

A Fairy Story - By Summer Ca

A Fairy Story - By Isabella

A Fariy Story - By Georgia

Letter Writing - By Jasmin

A Fairy Story - By Jasmin

A Fairy Story - By Harriet G