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With the Government announcing a National Lockdown on Monday 4th January 2020 and school's closing except to Critical Worker and Vulnerable Children, this is where you will find all the resources you will need to support your child at home. You may also want to refer to the video centre in the home learning tab where you will find any videos for children to watch before engaging in their learning or just to enjoy watching. All the videos from the previous lockdown are also there if you want to use them. 

Home Learning Timetable of Lessons

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World Book Day - Thursday 4th March 2021


Thursday 4th March is World Book Day. At Padbury School we want to celebrate and encourage the joy of reading for pleasure.  

This year, due to Covid-19 World Book Day will be a virtual affair.  However, we still wish to embrace the ethos of the day and make our love of reading a focus for the whole week. Mrs McFarlane has sent out an email about creating 'Book Character Potatoes' and the children are welcome to dress up as a character from a favourite book on the day.  We have also put together a Dip and Do style bank of activities that will be used in school this week and can be used at home as well.  The children could perhaps choose one activity per day to complete over the week.  Some activities may be more suitable for the younger children and some for the older children.

Dip and Do Home Learning - Africa

If you are finding that you have extra time to fill in your day, you would like work for the weekend or just some extra challenges then please use the dip and do for some further activities relating to our topic about Africa.


Optional Extra Curriculum Lessons

Through the term we will continue to see where you are now in your learning and see which aspects we will need to revisit and which aspects you have excelled in. The most important thing though is that you feel safe, confident and happy to be back with us in our school environment.


The planning below shows the content of the curriculum for the term. Where there have been gaps in our learning, we have planned where they will be revisited in our 2 year rolling programme. You will also be able to see the plan in more detail for this half term as it currently stands. This may change as we move through the term depending on how we are all getting on. 


The Recovery Curriculum below helped us when we returned to school in September 2020 to see where you all were in your learning and focused on getting you 'ready for learning'. The focus was:

C - Creativity

A - Activity

S - Standards

E - Emotional Well-being.

The Recovery Curriculum document below gives more details of this for you and your Parents to read. We will continue to focus on all of these areas as we move through the Spring term as well as ensuring we are running the full curriculum as much as we are able. 

Padbury Recovery Curriculum

Below for your information is the class booklet which outlines the expectations for each year group. We will go through this with parents at the Curriculum meetings at the start of the Autumn term. 

Beech Class Curriculum Booklet

Here are some websites and resources which will be helpful for you as we move through the term.  

Maths Resources

Reading Resources


Mrs McKee-Resources for Singalong sessions