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Welcome back to school everyone. We hope you are all excited and happy to be back together again with your teachers and friends. This term, our curriculum will be a little different as we will be taking more time to check you are all confident in coming back into school and are all ready for learning. 


Each lesson for the first half term will have a specific learning focus but will also be based on at least one of these areas.

C - Creativity

A - Activity

S - Standards

E - Emotional Wellbeing.


The Recovery Curriculum document below gives more details of this for you and your Parents to read.

Padbury Recovery Curriculum

Through the term we will be able to see where you are now in your learning and see which aspects we will need to revisit and which aspects you have excelled in. The most important thing though is that you feel safe, confident and happy to be back with us in our school environment.


The planning below shows the content of the curriculum for the term. Where there have been gaps in our learning, we have planned where they will be revisited in our 2 year rolling programme. You will also be able to see the plan in more detail for this half term as it currently stands. This may change as we move through the term depending on how we are all getting on. 


Long Term Planning

Below for your information is the class booklet which outlines the expectations for each year group. We will go through this with parents at the Curriculum meetings at the start of the Autumn term. 

Beech Class Curriculum Booklet

Here are some websites and resources which will be helpful for you as we move through the term.  

Maths Resources

Reading Resources