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Here is where you will find all the home learning resources your child will need while your child is at home. The overview of tasks explains what is required each day. If you have questions, please email the school office.

Home Learning Information Sheet

New Update:

Below you will find folders with a series of daily lessons for English.  You may wish to use them if you are looking for a structured approach.  They include useful guidance for parents.  

Further down in the 'Maths' section a link to 'White Rose Home Learning' has been added.  Here you will also find a week of lessons each including a useful video clip and worksheet to complete.

Reading and Comprehension

Writing Templates

Creative Writing Prompts

Topic Related Activities

Spring Term



This half term our topic is 'Superheroes’.  The topic is History based, with English, Science and Art being closely linked.


  • In English we will be using the text 'Send for a Superhero'.  As writers we will become authors of our own superhero comic style stories.  We will also be writing about real life events, such as a recount of our trip to Claydon House.
  • As Historians, we will be finding out about real life superheroes.  We will learn about significant individuals such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edward Jenner, why they are remembered and how they made an impact on our lives today.
  • As Scientists we will be studying Animals and humans in the topic 'Growth and Survival'.  We will learn about the offspring of a variety of different animals and about the ways in which animals reproduce.  We will explore how humans grow as they get older and find out what animals and humans need to survive.  We will find out how to eat a healthy, balanced diet and why exercise is important to keep our bodies healthy.  As part of ongoing scientific enquiry over the year, children will continue the topic 'Seasonal Changes'.
  • In Design and Technology we will be designing and making a healthy sandwich that is fit for a superhero.  We will taste and evaluate foods and follow a recipe to make our own bread.  We will use our knowledge of nutrition from Science lessons to support us in our designs. 
  • RE will be based on the question 'How Should the Church Celebrate Easter?’
  • In PSHE we be exploring the Big Questions 'How do we grow and change?' as part of our personal development.



PE will continue to take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays – please make sure that children have their PE kit in school, this can be left in school until half term as children may occasionally need it for other activities. Children should have a grey or black tracksuit to wear for outside games.


Home Learning

Home Learning will continue to be of a 'dip and do' nature, whereby children have a range of activities to complete linking to their topic for the term.  Completed work will then be shared and celebrated at a later date, giving children more choice and flexibility over their home learning; and a longer period of time to work on tasks.  If your child has misplaced their copy, please find the Dip and Do for this half term attached below.

Children will be given an assigned Maths task to complete each week using Mathletics.  This will be closely linked to the area of Maths that they are working on in school or consolidation of previously taught skills.  These tasks and skills are incredibly important to support children's competency in many areas of Mathematics.  If you wish to carry out extra Maths activities, there are 'Daily 10' fluency sheets and a range of online games available through links on this class page. 

Children will be given 5 spellings per week that they will need to ensure that they know in preparation for a spelling test the following week. The spellings will be the key words that they need to know for their year group. Other spelling rules and patterns will also be taught and practised in school.


Individual Reading Books

Please be aware, as part of their increased independence in KS1, the children are expected to change their reading books themselves. They are given a daily opportunity to do so with guidance from an adult. When you hear your child read at home, please do remember to sign your child’s reading diary and make a note of the next page number or a finished book.


Upcoming Events

Please keep an eye out for further information relating to these upcoming events this term:

  • Claydon House Trip
  • Mother's Day Breakfast
  • Easter Service