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Collective Worship

If you are missing Collective Worship in school, there are some resources here which may help you here from Bridge Builder Trust and Reverend Ros but there are also weekly assemblies now on the Video Centre page. Find that by clicking on the Children tab, home learnng, Video Centre. Thank you.  
Reverend Ros has sent these through. It is a project called Together at Home and follows the Sunday readings with a choice of activities to do or things to think about. We will update this weekly so that you can have a focus each week on different parts of the Bible if you wish. 
The Bridgebuilder Trust, a Christian organisation who come in to lead Collective Worship at School once a half term have produced some assemblies for children to follow remotely. Rachel, the lady running the assembly will be familiar to the older children as she was with us last year. Her assemblies are engaging, lively and interesting and always leave you with something to consider. Enjoy.