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Curriculum Matters

At Padbury Church of England School our Christian vision ensures that all children develop a love of learning.  Therefore we create opportunities which encourage them to discover, enquire, challenge and grow as individuals.  This results in the children becoming equipped to be 'secondary ready' and prepared for life in an ever-changing world. As we are  a small school, our mixed aged classes means that we operate a two year rolling programme - you can see the long term planning for all year groups below. 


We teach the National Curriculum in a way which motivates and engages all pupils. It is coherently planned and organised in a way which ensures the coverage and progression of skills in all subject areas are met. It is also planned in a way which ensures children revisit concepts, ideas and vocabulary in order to commit knowledge into their long term memories. Teachers use a variety of different strategies to make learning memorable. 


Our choice of topics across each term allows links to be made and therefore learning becomes meaningful. Each topic opens with a lesson which will stimulate the children’s interest and raise questions about the learning to come. Teachers assess children's knowledge of the current topics prior to teaching and plan lessons matched to the needs of the pupils. The topics close with an experience or clear end point which serves to encourage reflection and will consolidate the learning which has taken place i.e. a presentation to a given audience or a visit to a relevant setting. 


Topic outlines and avenues for further support at home are shared with parents in order that they can support the children’s learning outside of school. Further information and curriculum overviews can be found on the class pages.


Please open our document of Intent which explains in more detail what we want for our children here at Padbury based on evaluations of where we are as a school. You can also find out more about how we teach our curriculum by clicking on the core and foundation subjects links below.

Curriculum Vision and Intent Document

At Padbury, all children are able to access the learning as set out in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Please click on the link below to read our Equality Statement, objectives and policy. 

Long Term Curriculum Planning - Foundation Stage

Long Term Curriculum Planning - Key Stage 1

Long Term Curriculum Planning- Lower Key Stage 2

Long Term Curriculum Planning - Upper Key Stage 2