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**** You will notice in Lesson 2 that the activity involves the children using wheels and axis.  We had already purchased these resources for using in school when carrying out this topic.  Therefore, I will put a box in the reception area of school for you to collect 4 wheels and 2 wooden sticks per child.  If you cannot make it into school before the lesson on Wednesday, feel free to adapt your timetable and complete the lesson later in the week.  Alternatively, you could try to use items that you already have in the home such as cut out cardboard discs and straws.


The future lessons require a couple of small cardboard boxes, such as cereal boxes, biscuit boxes or other food package boxes.  You may like to put these to one side at home ready for the upcoming lessons, before they go out with weekly recycling.  If there are any problems with this, please contact me and we will try to source some to leave in reception for you.****