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A Note from the Chair of Governors

We are very lucky at Padbury CE School to have a dedicated team of governors working hard behind the scenes. Our job is to support the Headteacher, set the strategic direction of the school; embedding ambition and driving improvement.
We are not all parents at the school but as well as attending meetings and keeping up to date with our training we do try to come into school as often as we can to support events and get a feel for what happens in our school. It is a fabulous school and one we are all proud to be involved with so please do give serious thought to joining the team as and when a vacancy comes up; it really is a rewarding experience.
The Governing Body no longer operates with committees but meets instead as a whole Governing Body to cover all aspects of Governance, with the exception of our Faith in School committee who will still meet to focus on the specific elements of being a Church school. That way, everyone has a greater awareness of all areas of school life. 
If you wish to find out more about Governance at Padbury or would like some questions answered, please contact any of the governors with an email via the school office and someone will be in touch with you. 

Lucy McFarlane (Headteacher) Appointed 01/09/2018. Member of the Faith in School Committee. 
Simon Jelf (Foundation Governor) Simon is our Chair of Governors and  our Health and Safety Governor.
Appointed 17/03/2020 until 16/03/2024
Mark Ryder (Parent Governor) Mark is Co Vice Chair of Governors.
Appointed 22/09/2021 until 21/09/2025

Simon Reay (Foundation Governor) Simon is our Co Vice Chair of Governors 

Appointed 1/1/2020 until 31/12/2023

Jo Bursell (Foundation Governor)  Jo is our Safeguarding Governor and a member of the Faith in School committee. 
Appointed 01/09/2015 until 31/08/2023

Reverend Ros Roberts (Foundation Governor) Ros is Chair of our Faith in School Committee.

Appointed 17/03/2016

Emma Gooding (Staff Governor)
Appointed 11/03/2019 until 11/03/2023

Barbara Foord (Foundation Governor) Barbara is a member of our Faith in School Committee.
Appointed 22/05/2018 until 20/05/2022

Maggie Ley (Foundation Governor)
Appointed 30/9/2019 until 29/09/2023 Maggie is a member of our Faith in School committee. 
Bernadette McFall (Foundation Governor)
Appointed 9/9/2019 until 08/09/2023
Hannah Grace (Foundation Governor) Hannah is Pupil Premium and SEND Governor
Appointed 5/8/2019 until 04/08/2023

Pete Bulley (Parent Governor)

Appointed 22/09/21until 21/09/2025

All our Governors are members of our Admission Committee.

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