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Here is where you will find all the home learning resources your child will need while they cannot attend school.  Please take some time to read the Home Learning Guidance as it outlines what is expected each week and includes helpful information.

If you have questions, please email me directly at

Mrs Gooding

Maple Class Home Learning Guidance

Week Commencing 1st June-

Wednesday 3rd June & Thursday 4th June



Please access English and Maths Activities for Wednesday and Thursday from the class page.

Maths- I have chosen these two as an example but you may wish to do others from the Counting and Ordering Numbers to 20 home learning challenge sheet.

Ordering of numbers to 20

  1. Write the numbers 0-20 on plastic building bricks. Make a tower of 21 bricks, seeing if you can put the numbers in the correct order. Start with 0 at the bottom and 20 at the top and then try starting with 0 at the top and 20 at the bottom.
  2. Ask an adult to hide the numbers to 20 around your room, house or garden. See if you can find all 20 and place them in order. You could ask someone to tell you a number to find. Can you remember what the number looks like and find it?

Both of these activities can be differentiated accordingly to suit your child, if they are comfortable working within 20 please stretch them to 30. If they are not yet working within 20, then please use the numbers they are comfortable working within.



Independent writing challenge:

I will put onto the class page two writing challenges for the children to complete. Remind them that they need to write a sentence completely independently about the picture that I have provided.


All remaining resources will be removed by the end of the week to start a fresh with the next half terms activities from Monday 8th June.


Additional Maths


The planning is for the first half term and it is revising and embedding Phase 3.

Jolly Phonics Video

Still image for this video

Expressive Art and Design.

These activies are for all of the second half of term.

Understanding of the World

These activities will cover Science for the second half of the term.



Useful Resources

Keyword Revision Sheet - Please print and use as a checklist to show you which keywords your child knows.

Cursive Alphabet to aid formation at home.

Number Formation Sheet for use at home.