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We hope you have all had a lovely Summer holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for a new and exciting year.

Autumm Term

At Padbury Church of England School our Christian vision ensures that all children develop a love of learning.  Therefore we create opportunities which encourage them to discover, enquire, challenge and grow as individuals.  This results in the children becoming equipped to be 'secondary ready' and prepared for life in an ever-changing world.


Please remember that you may find that for the first half of the Autumn term your child is slightly more tired at the end of the day, even though they are still following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum



The gateway to learning is developed through reading and experience of a variety of high quality books. From the very beginning of their education we aim to promote a love of reading to inspire, inform and entertain.  During the year the children will work with both fiction and non-fiction texts, which will often be linked to the topic. Initially there will be regular work on letter formation and phonics and as the year progresses sentence construction and punctuation.



Your child will have regular phonic sessions. By the end of the year the children will have been introduced to the 44 sounds.


Key words

By October key words will be coming home each week on Friday. These words will need to be recognised by sight and NOT sounded out. I would ask you to regularly look at them with your child; I suggest you get your child to use the words to make different sentences, to play games with them or find them in books you are sharing.  


Reading books

Reading books will be issued once I feel that your child is ready for this more formal stage of their reading journey. Some of the earlier texts will have no words, the purpose of these are to encourage the children and yourselves to discuss and create your own stories.


Speaking and Listening

We have a soft toy who goes home with the children at the weekend. They will come with their ‘diaries’ so that you (writing) and your child (drawing) can record something they have done with the soft toy (e.g. visit to a grandparent, playing with a friend, going shopping/for a walk, helping in the house). The diary will act as an ‘aide memoir’ for your child to talk about their weekend, and for the other children to listen and ask questions. You will only be asked to have them once a term (at the most) so I hope you can accommodate this request



The children will explore number, measurement including time and capacity, data handling, shape, space and problem solving.  The practical application of mathematical skills is at the core of our teaching.  It would be helpful if you encourage your child to handle money, and to work with weight, measure and capacity at home.  


The World -Technology (Computing)

Your child will have regular computing sessions where they will develop their skills and begin to use technology for a number of purposes. There is an interactive whiteboard in the classroom so that technology can be integrated into other subjects.


The World (Science, History, Geography, Art and DT)

This term they will be taught through the following topics:

Autumn 1: Who am I?

Autumn 2: Into the darkness



Your child will have PE on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Please make sure that they have their clearly labelled PE kit in school, this can be left until half term as they may need it for dance and other activities.


Keyword Revision Sheet - Please print and use as a checklist to show you which keywords your child knows.

Cursive Alphabet to aid formation at home.

Number Formation Sheet for use at home.