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Adventure Story- By Evelyn

Mass- By Jacob

Adventure Story- By Matthew

Adventure Story- By Sophia

NHS Thank You- Rosa

NHS Thank You- Silvi

Iron Man Description- By Rosa

Iron Man Description- by Silvi

Iron Man Similes- by Silvi

Newspaper Report- By Evie

Newspaper Report- By Molly-Mae

Newspaper Report- By Neve

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Iron Man Advert- By Evie

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Iron Man Advert- By Molly-Mae

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Iron Man advert- By Finley

Iron Man advert- By Neve

Iron Man- By Sophia

Iron Man- By Fraser

Iron Man Instructions- By Raphy

Sequin Art- By Molly-Mae

Iron Man Instructions- By Matthew

Iron Man- By Jacob

Iron Man- By Evelyn

Iron Man- By Finley

Iron Man- By Evie

Iron Man- By Molly-Mae

Rainbow Jar Science- By Evelyn and Jacob

Watercolours- By Jude

Painting and Iron Man- By Ava-Rose

Iron Man- By Sophia

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Iron Man Writing- By Matthew

Arctic Painting- By Fraser

Painting- By Evie

Little Voices Achievement- Sophia

Submarine- By Finley

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Food Pyramid- By Fraser

Submarines- By Connie

Dip and Do Creation- By Beatrix

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Poetry and Descriptive Writing- By Ava-Rose

Home Learning Activities- By Raphy

Home Learning- By Raphy

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Matthew VE Day Celebrations and Newspaper

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MP Letter- Plastic Pollution- By Gabriel

Underwater World and Submarine- By Sophia

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VE Day Bunting- By Jacob and Evelyn

Seed Planting- By Jacob and Evelyn

VE Project- By Piotr

Foottennis- By Jude

Fossils- By Bea

Letter Writing and Topic Work- By Fraser

Ice Dragon Report- By Sophia

The Lost City- By Holly

Wacky Invention- By Finley

Weather Machine- By Molly-Mae

Memories- By Ava-Rose

Dragon Report and Setting Description- By Ellysia

Flashbacks- By Beatrix

A Pony Year- By Beatrix

Invention- By Neve

Animation- By Evie

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Animation- By Molly-Mae

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Story Summary- By Katrin

Playing with density- By Sophia

Cross stitch- By Ava-Rose

Top Trumps- By Ava-Rose

Board Game- By Finley

Laos presentation- By Hannah

Wacky invention- By Holly

Story- By Jude

Dragon Report- By Evie

Newspaper Article- By Molly-Mae

Report- By Gabriel

Story- By Finley

Story- By Beatrix

Book Review- By Winnie

Baking- By Winnie

Setting Description- By Matthew

Sewing- By Molly-Mae and Evie

Molly-Mae and Evie-taking their cub promise

Molly-Mae and Evie had a special evening last Thursday, on St George's Day, when they took their Cubs promise. Standing at the end of their drive along with other cubs in their remote locations, the girls took their promise and are now officually invested into their cub pack.  The redesigned ceremony took place after the Thursday clap for the NHS, spot the saucepans! Well done girls and other cubs who took part. 

Ice Cream Bike- by Sophia

Story Inspired by Fantastic Mr Fox- by Silvi

Africa Poem- by Rosa

Diggory Dragon- by Fraser

Mummy Trapped in a Wine Bottle- by Neve

The Story of Sophie Sprokett- by Connie

A New Discovery- by Ava-Rose