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The children are working on Phase 3 phonics.  Each day they will be given a new sound to learn.  They should watch the video clip and then complete the activity sheet for that sound. 


If you think they need a challenge, some extra practise or want to play a game then they can have a go at the 'Buried Treasure' game on Phonics Play.  Follow the link and then select Phase 3 and the sound that they are working on.  They should sound out the word and if it is a real word, move it to the treasure chest but if it is a nonsense word, move it to the rubbish bin.

Phase 3 Phonics Daily Activity Sheets

Week 3 W.C. 18th January

Monday 18/1/21

Tuesday 19/1/21

Wednesday 20/1/21

Thursday 21/1/21

Week 2 W.C. 11th January

Monday 11/1/21

Tuesday 12/1/21

Wednesday 13/1/21

Thursday 14/1/21