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Phonics - Year 1

Week 1 and 2 - Alternative Pronunciations

This half term the children will move on and begin to explore alternative pronunciations of known graphemes. 


They should have now learnt the new sounds from Phase 5.  It is important that they continue to consolidate their recognition and recall of the Phase 5 diagraphs that they learnt last half term. 

They can do this at the beginning of each phonics session by doing one of the following:

  • using the video clip to read and say the diagraphs
  • playing 'Flashcard Time Challenge' (select Phase 3 & 5 or Phase 5) on Phonics Play
  • printing out and cutting up the flashcards and seeing if they can recall them all.  You may wish to spend more time going over the sounds that they are unsure of using 'I say, we say, you say' - You hold up the card and tell them the sound, you say it together, they repeat it on their own. 


For new learning each day the children should: 

1) Watch the video clip to introduce the new alternative pronunciation.

2) Play 'Acorn Adventures;' or 'Cheeky Chimps' on Phonics Play (select the grapheme that they are focusing on).

3) Use the 'Word Sort Activity' to practise blending and reading words with alternative pronunciations (these will need printing and cutting or you could write them onto post-it notes or small pieces of paper).

4) Apply understanding by reading the sentences. 

Phase 5 Sounds Consolidation (for daily use)

Week 2

Monday 1st March - Alternative Pronunciation for the 'u' grapheme

Tuesday 2nd March - Alternative Pronunciation of the 'ow' grapheme

Wednesday 3rd March - Alternative Pronunciation of the 'ie' grapheme

Thursday 4th March - Alternative Pronunciation of the 'ea' grapheme