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PSHE allows children to share and listen collaboratively to eachothers opinions and points of view and teaches choldren key social and emotional skills going forward. 

Cycle A

Autumn 1 - How can we be a good friend?

Autumn 2 - What can we do about bullying?

Spring 1 - What are responsible for?

Spring 2 - How do we grow and change?

Summer 1 - What are the rules that keep us safe?

Summer 2 - Valuing difference and keeping safe


Cycle B

Autumn 1 - What is diversity?

Autumn 2 - How can we describe our feelings?

Spring 1 - What jobs would we like? How can we manage money?

Spring 2 - How can we eat well?

Summer 1 - How can we keep safe in out local area?

Summer 2 - Growing up

Below are some emotional wellbeing tips and ideas to complete at home if needed.