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Spring 2 Living in the Wider World: Diverse Britain


This unit is inspired by the idea that we live in a diverse, multicultural and democratic society and that this is important and brings many benefits. It aims to enable the children to identify that they should be respectful of difference. In this unit, children learn about British people, rules, the law, liberty and what living in a democracy means. They also learn about the importance of being tolerant of differences within their society

Spring 1 - Be Yourself 


This unit is inspired by the idea that it is important to have confidence to be yourself. It aims to enable children to identify their strengths and achievements as well as help them to recognise different emotions they experience. In this unit, children will also explore how to express their thoughts and feelings respectfully and how to be assertive when in uncomfortable situations. The children will also have an opportunity to explore the influence of the media in how we view ourselves and analyse the reality of these messages. The unit ends with the children exploring how to make things right when we make mistakes, both in person or online, and the importance of learning from these.