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Response to Coronavirus Pandemic and Remote Learning

Schools have all been affected in the past few years with the Coronavirus Pandemic and like all other schools, we have strived to continue teaching and learning as effectively as possible whether we are learning at home or at school.


In September 2021, the school came back together and we were able to re introduce whole school assemblies and lunchtimes together, without the need for bubbles. As a school, we have continued with the risk assessment detailing the measures that remain in place to keep everyone safe.  Please see this below.


Blended learning of remote and face to face learning continues to be a feature as children are still needing to self isolate as and when they contract Covid 19. This is organised as soon as the school is aware and may range from the use of Google Classroom, Zoom or paper sheets sent home depending on age and appropriateness of work for the particular child or group.


As a school we regularly ask for feedback on the quality of education provided and working through lockdown was no exception. Below you will find information on our journey through the pandemic with two surveys to capture parental opinion.


Our Journey through the Pandemic


Padbury CE School closed on 23rd March 2020 along with all other schools in the country as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Key worker children continued attending throughout the Spring and Summer term while remote learning took place for all other pupils. The numbers in school were very low with only 1 child attending on some days. In June 2020, we were able to invite all children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 back into school in the final half of the summer term. 100% of children in these year groups attended. In June, for the wider reopening, we were able to invite Y2, Y3, Y4 and Yr5 back for a week each in turn. 


In preparation for opening the school in September 2020 to the whole school, detailed risk assessments were completed and shared with all Staff, Governors and the ODBST. Parent letters detailed the information parents needed in order to feel confident that their children will be safe when they returned. 


The curriculum was reviewed in light of what has not been taught face to face and formed part of our Recovery Curriculum, details of which can be found on the Recovery Curriculum page. 


In January 2021, a second national lockdown was announced and again, the school was closed to all but children of critical workers and those children deemed vulnerable. This time more children returned to school with between 30-40 children attending per day. This time the focus was been on keeping the learning going for all throughout, whether they are at home or at school. To this end, the documents below state how at Padbury we have met with the challenges of remote learning. 


In March 2021, we conducted a second Parent Survey on Remote Learning to ascertain how the offer had improved with the use of Google Classroom and Zoom as a means of delivering live lessons for some of the learning. This was again a positive response, the details of which are also below. 



Remote Learning Policy and Contingency Plan 2020/21