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Sycamore Class

Adventure Story - by Phoebe Taylor

Adventure Story - Megan Forkgen

Adventure Story - by Michael Fuller

Setting Description - Sophia Norton

Setting Description - Eliana Norton

Setting Description - Megan Forkgen

Setting Description - by Michael Fuller

Butterfly Art - by Phoebe Taylor

Formal Letter - by Eliana Norton

Scratch Projects - by Noah Jelf

Formal Letter - Megan Forkgen

Formal Letter - by Livi Howard-Johnson

Shackleton's Diary - by Phoebe Taylor

Shackleton's Diary - Sophia Debuse

Shackleton's Diary - Livi Howard-Johnson

Shackleton's Diary - by Sophia Norton

Watercolour work - by Sophia Norton

Shackleton's Diary - by Eliana Norton

Watercolour work - by Eliana Norton

Watercolour work - by Maddie Sewell

Shackleton's Diary - by Maddie Sewell

Shackleton's Diary - by Megan Forkgen

Shackleton's Diary - by Michael Fuller

Amazing Antarctic Adventure Underway - by Holly Steele

Ernest’s Epic Endurance Expedition - by Joe Freeman



Shackleton’s Ship Succumbs - by Megan Forkgen

Shackleton's Ships Sets Sail - by Eliana Norton

Shackleton's Ship Sets Sail for South Georgia - By Sophia Norton

Watercolour - by Megan Forkgen


Shackleton Newspaper Article - by Phoebe Taylor

Ernest Shackleton's Epic Voyage of Scientific Discovery - by Maddie Sewell

An Antarctic Adventure - by Michael Fuller

Shackleton departs on epic quest - by Archie Grace

Paper flower art - by Sophia Debuse

The Figure... - by Holly Steele

The Witches' Spell - by Carson Kelly

Carson has been busy stargazing, building dens and reading on the trampoline!

Mathilde has been creative with Science by making a chatterbox

The has been researching and building submarines!

The Pygmy Dragons Of Outer Mongolia (faction piece) - by Sophia Debuse

Ophelia has had a reply to the letter she wrote to her local MP!

Come to the Fuerteventura Water Park! - by Ophelia Murray

Setting Description - Chester Cooper

Can you guess what I am? - try Phoebe Taylor's quiz!

Spooks Poem - by Michael Fuller

Spooks Poem - by Michael Fuller

Bird sketch - by Megan Forkgen

Story - by Sophia Norton

Diary entry - by Eliana Norton

Rosex - by Sophia Norton

New species of dragon - Eliana Norton

VE Day Celebrations - Sophia and Eliana Norton

Assorted Writing - by Livi Howard-Johnson

Haunted Castle Animated Story - by Megan Forkgen

How To Make A Spotted Richard - by Phoebe Taylor

Pokemon Fact Files - by Archie Grace

Archie has continued to learn to bake! Yummy!

The Glowing Orb - by Zack Heal

Flower Art - by Michael Fuller

The Padbury Tyre Company - by Chester Cooper

Magic Mane is the Man - by Carson

Fraser Island - by Sophia Debuse

Dear Diary - by Maddie Sewell

Instructions for a Flying Rucksack - by Holly Steele

VE Day Celebrations - Archie Grace

The Might Griffin - by Carson Kelly

Alien Astro Plasma Blaster (self-assembly instructions) - by Joe Freeman

Alien to Alien letter - by Joe Freeman

The Girl in the Bottle - by Eliana Norton

Invention - by Sophia Norton

VE Day work - by Mathilde Gallois

VE Day Newspaper Report - by Michael Fuller

Recipe for profiteroles- by Maddie Sewell

VE Day Celebrations - Ophelia Murray

VE Day Celebrations - Carson

Scratch project - by Michael Fuller

VE Day Celebrations - by Zack Heal

All about my Great Grandad (VE Day celebrations) - by Zack and Jude Heal

VE Day Celebrations - Sophia Debuse

Should Children Drive Cars? - by Sophia Debuse

The Tale of the Mysterious Tail Feather - by Phoebe Taylor

VE Day celebrations - Chester Cooper

Flower art- by Zack Heal

Flower art - by Megan Forkgen

Letter to her MP - by Ophelia Murray

Floral Art - by Phoebe Taylor

A Guide to Coding with HTML - by Noah Jelf

Chester submitted a design for a car to Porche - his design was included in their latest newsletter!

Dear Diary - by Hannah Wlodarczyk

New Dragon Species Discovered - by Hannah Wlodarczyk

Robotic Reptilians Invade China (newspaper report) - by Zack Heal

The Doggy Vac (explanation) - by Carson Kelly

Dragon Discovery - by Michael Fuller

Cheese and Bacon Pancakes - by Noah Jelf

Flower sketch - by Toby Inman

Egg crystals - by Toby Inman

Chester has built a shooting range

The Girl in the Bottle - by Sophia Debuse

Titanic - by Megan Forkgen

Milkshake Project - by Archie Grace

Letter to a Friend - by Holly Steele

Scratch Game - by Toby Inman

Molten Crayon Art Work - by Maddie Sewell

Newspaper Report - by Maddie Sewell

Airsoft (argument for/against) - by Chester Cooper

Flower Dissection - by Noah Jelf

Flower - by Megan Forkgen

Letter from Hermione - by Mathilde Gallois

The Pros and Cons of Home Schooling - by Megan Forkgen

Who Would You Save on the Titanic - by Holly Steele

Airsoft - by Chester Cooper

Archie has been keeping busy at home!

Bullet and Fire Proof Suit (explanation) - by Archie Grace

The Horrifying Haunted House - by Noah Jelf

Indian Elephant Taps - by Eliana Norton

Reasons to visit Keelung - by Sophia Norton

Letter - by Carson Kelly

Diary entry - Zack Heal

Unwings (report) - by Ophelia Murray

Floating House Burns to the Ground (newspaper article) - by Sophia Debuse

Passionate about Poultry (report) - by Phoebe Taylor

Nanobites (explanation text) - by Michael Fuller

Report on the history of Alton Towers - by Theo Bates

Aliens Abduct Astronauts - by Joe Freeman

Knight Jump - by Noah Jelf

Download and play Noah's game using Scratch! 

Sloth Fact File - by Phoebe Taylor