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Welcome to Sycamore Class 

Here is where you will find all the home learning resources your child will need while your child is at home. 

Please do not feel pressurised to complete everything every week . The most important thing is that the children carry out English and Maths activities each day. 

The Home Learning Guidance document will help to explain how to use the resources on this page. 

If you have questions, please email me directly at 

Take care. 

-Mrs Falcon

Work for Week Commencing 8th June 2020 

(Week 1) 

English Daily Work 

Maths Daily Work 

Science Work 

Art Work 

Wednesday 3rd June & Thursday 4th June 

Here is all the work you need for the next two days.

The English tasks are now split into daily lessons. There is an explanation page called 'Guidance for Children' with the date and TBAT - the children can read this themselves and use as their teacher input. Any supporting documents that are required or worksheets will be loaded in the same section.

I have also included a document with extra links in case the children would like to do any additional research for their English work. 

The Maths for these two days is revision on addition and subtraction. There is a ' Knowledge Organiser' that the children should use to make them independent in this work. 

If your child has completed all the work and they are looking for more then I have included an 'Optional Extra Work' block under the main work. 

Also, please feel free to make use of I See Maths (link to the site at the bottom of the page), and Mathletics. If you need a reminder of the login for Mathletics, please drop me an email. 

I strongly recommend that, if the children do not have a copy of the book to hand, that they watch the Shackleton Story Mapping video that is on the Shackleton Playlist in the Video Centre in Home Learning (internal link below). This will help map out the story for them. 

Additional links for Shackleton related research

Optional Extra Tasks

Helpful Websites and Information

Mathletics Presentation for Parents