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             World Book Day 

This week, Thursday 4th March is World Book Day. As ever, we here at Padbury School want to celebrate and encourage the simple joy of reading for pleasure.  


This year, due to Covid-19 WBD will be a virtual affair. However, we still wish to embrace the ethos of the day and make our love of reading a focus for the whole school, for the whole week. Therefore, we have put together a 'dip and do' style bank of activities that will be used in school this week and can be used at home as well.


Some activities may be more suitable for the younger children and some for the older children.  The children could perhaps choose one activity per day to complete over the week. please do also check out the World Book Day website for a myriad of activities, ideas and resources to really help the children explore all the areas involved in producing a book. 


We of course, have our fabulous decorate a potato as a book character challenge as well along with the option to dress up as someone or thing related to a book on World Book Day if you should so choose to, please remember this is optional there is no obligation to dress up. 


Please do forward photographs of your literary endeavours and we will be sure to celebrate them (with your permission) on the website for all to share.