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Year 1

Measurement: Length and Height

Week 2

1/3/21 Introducing the ruler

This lesson involves the children doing practical learning during the video by measuring items with a ruler.  There is no worksheet for the lesson so I have uploaded a practical activity which the children could complete as a follow up.  The children can measure the items in the table or if you do not have these items available then they can use the blank table and measure other small items that they find in the house (you may like to write the items into the table for them).  They should then think of or find another item which is bigger than their original item and an item which is smaller than their original item and record it in the table.   There are 3 levels of difficulty * provides extra support and *** is the most challenging.  The children only need to complete one sheet.

2/3/21 - Measure Length

3/3/21 - Adding lengths

4/3/21 - Subtracting lengths

5/3/21 - Comparing Lengths 

This is a consolidation lesson therefore there is no video clip.  

The children can complete the Comparing and Measuring Lengths Activity Sheet and then have a go at the Adding and Subtracting Length Game.